Chao Fu-Le/taiwan

Chao Fu-Le/taiwan

video, performance, sculpture, printing

residency on March-May 2016







Fu-Le Chao (2)


My practice features performance, video, installation (light sculpture), and printmaking (mainlyengraving on rubber sheet). The subjects I work on are often related to “globalization affecting
everyday lives”. I use my personal experience as well as social observations to reflect on how globalization can influence a person’s identity and culture. Everyday we are bombarded with
cultural imagery like media, Internet, advertising. This has made me reflect on how our environment shapes us as much as we shape it.
My most recent work, which I made while studying in Edinburgh, is a reproduction of the room where the panda bear lives in Edinburgh Zoo. I am interested in discussing the context of man-built environments being relocated, as in the case of the zoo imitating an animal’s natural habitat. All the objects in the room I made were built with cardboard and exhibited with a loop video so that the audience could physically experience being inside the panda’s room. Simultaneously, the video creates an illusion between humans and animals. Through my work, I analyze how identity is not just about finding where we came from; it’s the process of discovering our position in the world and how we adapt to it.
Japanese culture has had great influence in Taiwan since the period of Japanese occupation. Even nowadays, Taiwan is a fusion of Japanese and Chinese culture. I am particularly interested in the subject matter of finding the visible and invisible connections between the two countries, from lifestyle and language to the core cultural values. As I often work on hand-made paper sculpture and
video, I hope to get the opportunity to immerse myself in local culture with AIRY residency and to further expand my artistic knowledge and skills.

















Chao Fu-Le /Taiwan


The Reason Love Kofu – “ 1 to 1 Pop-up Drawing Workshop”

I have been painting Kofu city’s portrait since March, when I first began my artist residency at AIRY. Given my background as an artist born in Taiwan, I was drawn to Japan to reflect on my countries shared architectural history. I have focused on the link between the streets and shops in Taiwan and the nostomania shops and alleyways in Japan’s Showa Era, which still to this day are evident in Kofu’s streets. I am attracted to the pure and singular drive in Japanese buildings towards simplicity and how that echoes the countries culture.

I would like to invite people who live in Kofu city to join me and pick a place to draw alongside me, in Kofu. By engaging in this project, you will create an opportunity to share knowledge and expand my understanding of local culture and be able to represent what you regard as important and valuable in this city.

The place can be outdoor or indoor, daytime or nighttime, from landscape to street life. Ideally, the workshop should take no more than 1 hour, it can be flexible depending on the participant.

I will provide a 27x22 cm canvas board and pencil. If participants have any mediums they prefer to use, it is also welcome.

The drawings will be exhibited in Kofu City Hall on the last week of May. And a short personal introduction of the participants will be included.

Workshop Time : 20 April- 15 May (9:00 AM – 24:00 PM),  free fee


チャオ・フーレ/台湾 2016年3~5月滞在作家








〇中国語または英語 〇無料


Chao FuLe exhibition


May 23(mon)13:oo-18:00

         24(tue)   10:00-18:00

         25(wed)  10:00-18:00

         26(thu)   10:00-16:00



Acrylic replaced mineral

Canvas board replaced washi

Japanese replaced Chinese

English replaced Japanese

Mountain are still

The fishes are still

The roofs are still

The sky is blue











Sophie Beneteau/France

Sophie Beneteau


Photography, drawing, painting, installation

residency 2016, May






SofiA Beneteau Protrait1 - コピー


My artistic research calls into question its own form through performance and ephemeral installation – media which allow the public to easily interact with my work. My creations focus on two highly interconnected themes:

territory/cartography and urbanisation/architecture.


I intend to let my feet guide me as I strive to better understand Japanese urbanisation. Walking commemorates the slowness of the human experience of space and time. I will walk daily, gaining a thin perception of urban organization and environment. Walking will allow me to discover anodyne places, ways of life, artisans at work. During these walks, I will take photos, and draw a chalk arrow on the ground in the precise place of each shot. I will be able to briefly inhabite urban space with the softest of touches.


Last October, I went in Japan, this time of observation has inspired me to learn more about Japanese culture. I have decided to return for a longer period during the spring, focusing on medium sized cities. The location of your residency is perfect for my research because it is the regional capital and is located in a beautiful natural environment close to the mountains. That your residence is in close contact with locals and farmers is a further attraction.

I am very interested in working in public space because it is open to everyone. My photography will be a memory of this ephemeral action. At the end of the residency, I would like to project the photography on a glass painted with white meudon.


人々が私の仕事と対話することを可能にするメディア – 私の芸術的なリサーチは、パフォーマンスとインスタレーションを通じて表現しています。作品は、2つの高度に相互接続されたテーマに焦点を当てています。それは領土または地図作成と、都市化または建築です。









Ⓒ SofiA Beneteau

Hannah Dinsdale Robson/UK

Hannah Dinsdale Robson


painting, installation, sculpture

May 2016 residency






profile pic

           photo by Hitoshi Osada


Hannah Dinsdale Robson graduated from University of Brighton, UK in 2014 and lives and works in London. Since graduating she has been exhibiting in and around London and has recently finished the Organhaus International Artist Residency, Chongqing, China.

Through installation and wall-based work she uses textiles, painting, photography and objects to explore scenes of leisure, work and modern lifestyles. Interested particularly in forms and representations of objects, she explores ideas surrounding ‘taste’ and authenticity. Art works often incorporate gestures of decorative art and craft, exploring their origins and importance.











Ⓒ SofiA Beneteau



Mike Litaue/USA

Mike Litaue


drawing, printmaking

residency of June 2016







mike726-300x201 (2)

Mike Litaue

Rituals often involve repetitive movements, gestures, or phrases.  Through ritual and repetition a connection is made between one world and another.  In my artwork I use repetition to connect to the Green Bay Packers.  The objects I create are meditations on these icons I create.  By spending countless hours on obsessive detail, an artwork is transformed into importance by the time and dedication spent to make it.  My artwork investigates the phenomenon of ritual to elevate a mundane action, be it religious, personal, or artistic, into something imbued with importance.

Craft is often something seen on the fringes of art.  Something that is a hobby or that a grandmother does in her spare time. I am interested in the intersection between craft and fine art, but also fine art and sports.  I am genuinely passionate about all those things, and often find myself in the middle of two worlds that seem like such opposites.  In my work, I try to melt these opposites into one and consider the often times grey area these works occupy.


Growing up in Wisconsin, the Packers were a cultural institution that I pay close attention to the happenings of.  Through my indoctrination as a Packers fan I instantly became part of a larger institution of other fans.  It’s comforting to know that I belong to something larger than myself. I find it fascinating that people who may have seemingly nothing in common or may have never bothered to communicate to one another can form bonds over such simple things. My artwork, in part, examines the desire of most people to be part of a larger community.






Veronique Sunatori/Canada

Veronique Sunatori



 assemblage sculpture, installation

residency June 2016







ProfilePicture - コピー


My work is inspired by the moment of awakening evoked by the experience of empathy or a sublime encounter.The set of routines and standards of everyday life in any society can prevent one from seeing past them.Such experiences have the ability to bring about an objective inquiry leading to the process of discovering, learning, and evolving.My art practice addresses this matter or attempts to induce this questioning by presenting artworks which can be interpreted as tools that, without taking an explicit position, offer an alternative perspective.While referring to the quotidian, these apparatuses have elements of mystery and phenomena.Often taking on aspects of interaction or intervention, I try to make my artworks accessible and authentic to bring about moments of self-awareness.









Kiss Kiss, Say Goodbye (2014)


BetweenTheBeginingAndThe End_2014_15

Charlotte Baker & Joshua Hughes-Games

 Charlotte Baker & Joshua Hughes-Games


dance / choreography / graphic design / videography / print making / performance and installation

residency July 2016






 Charlotte Baker (2)

Charlotte Baker


Joshua Hughes-Games (2)

Joshua Hughes-Games


Charlotte and myself have been collaborating over the past year exploring the meeting point of contemporary dance, performance, mark making and expressive graphic design. During the crossover of our independent disciplines we have experimented in the realms of painting, film, dance, printmaking, language and sound. During our research we have repeatedly come back to the sensations surrounding arriving and departing and from this we have focused on the idea of ‘home’. Evaluating the situations, paraphernalia and landscapes that form people’s concept of their identity as well as the personal affects that shape our beings. From January 2016 we will be creating new work across a number of countries exploring the different versions of ‘home’ that we can find, looking for local collaboration and exploring our own notions of comfort and transience.

Charlotte is a dancer and choreographer who has toured with a number of highly renowned artists and companies including Ben Wright, Colin Poole, Frauke Requardt, Mystery Skin and Fleur Darkin Company. She has performed and taught dance internationally and is currently focusing on developing her own artistic endeavours and choreographies. Charlotte uses the articulation and physicality of the body as her inspiration and develops her work though intensive research and body-led movement.

My work is largely based around print and filmmaking with a focus on analogue techniques and labour intensive design practises including silk-screen printing, Risogrpah and experimental filmmaking. I have worked in-depth with a wide range of artists with the fields of dance, theatre and music to create videos, installation pieces and printed matter. I try to base my work at the meeting point of disciplines as I find this to be the place I work most creatively and intuitively.

The main aim of our project would be to instigate collaboration and conversation regarding the concept of ‘Home’. The research objective would be to explore local nuances relevant to our surrounding including audio, movement and ephemera to then interpret these through a variety of creative approaches.









Margherita Paoletti/Italy

Margherita Paoletti


print making (etching, linocut, monotype), Paint

residency July – August 2016






margherita paoletti-portrait-ok - コピー

My art speaks of language, words and their meaning.

Now more than ever language had the possibility of moving and exploring the world. The speed in which it’s moving leads us inevitably to shortening or creating new words. There are words that have existed for a moment, and didn’t had the possibility of being displayed in a column of a dictionary.

Thus words change, mutate in order to give a name to the ephemeral news of one day and this count for each language.My work consist in finding old words, those abandoned in the deep of memory and to do so I use the most effective of all languages: the one of images.

Once I’ve understood the meaning of a word, I translate it in image by using my personal interpretation, which originate from personal experiences, facts happening around me, news and history. An important role is played by words of books and tales that I transcribe in my illustrations.

The method I use to realize my work is engraving. It represents the old discovery that allowed a fastener spread of words and images. Using this old technique in these modern time is a provocation to the power of technology, is a return to craftsmanship. The choice of using this ancient method lies in its old fascination, and in its aesthetic beauty.

Even though it seems that nowadays life is dominate by an unlimited vortex of news and upgrades, my intent is to slow down and for once deepen the meaning of at least one single word.