Maija Tammi /Finland

Maija Tammi


photography, installation, sculpture, research

residency October – December 2016






Maija Tammi. Kuva: Miikka Pirinen


My art (mainly photographs and sculptures) converse on topics around disgust and fascination, science and aesthetic. Another very important theme for me is representation and its possibilities. I am currently working on my practice-based doctoral thesis (meaning that my artworks are part of the academic research) at Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture in Helsinki, Finland.





Karl Patric Naesman/sweden

Karl Patric Naesman


painting, photography, objects, sculpture, research, installations

residency November-December 2016









During the last years I have imitating different materials that have some sort of cultural value like the granite, marbles, wood grains or working with the notion of the copy in relation to originality. By borrowing from the repetitive and standardized realm of crafts or from the art history/culture, the imitation and the copying as methods have a central role in my current art production. What differentiates craft and fine art is considered to be a dose of uniquely creative imagination. But what now, or historically is this uniqueness? It is almost always still imitation and representation. What distinguishes one piece of contemporary art above another work of art is the content of the ideas.

The works in my current practice create a visual illusion that opens up a conceptual split between an appearance of tangibility, of the works mass and feel, and the actual physical objects present. I aim to play around with the art objects very own materiality. Yet I don’t see these painting or sculptures as only physical illustrations of a conceptual idea. They have a physicality as well as a material presence and they have been produced through different means and methods.

The question I keep asking through my work if painting with all its history, tradition, fetishism and aura surrounding it be dissected into something easy enough for most people to use and share? Is there a need for originality in art when we can reproduce almost everything now through accessible means or even hire someone else to do reproduce it for you? More or less, I want to question the originality aspect and the myth surrounding painting as a medium.